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Igloo Launches Developer Partner Program

Existing Integrations with Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, OneLogin, Box, and Zapier have been built using Igloo APIs.

Nashville, TN – Sept 19, 2017 – Igloo Software, the leading provider of digital workplace solutions today officially announced the launch of its free-to-join Developer Partner Program at the definitive digital workplace event of the year, ICE’17, in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Through this new program, developers can create apps and integrations that help millions of Igloo users get their work done faster, smarter, and easier,” explains Dan Latendre, Founder & CEO, Igloo Software. “We’re investing in our Developer Partner Program because we see the benefit of an integrated digital workplace ecosystem – one where employees can work in any app they choose while still retaining that single digital destination where they go each day. This is why we’re providing open access to our API’s and our development framework, as well as a full developer support program and community.”

Igloo’s Developer Partner Program is open to everyone and has been designed to accommodate both customers and partners who wish to build custom integrations or enhance the design of a digital workplace with front-end development tools.

Igloo’s Developer Partner Program comes complete with a software development kit (SDK) that includes all the APIs, tools, and documentation for Igloo’s development framework. Igloo’s SDK includes:

  • Tools:  Quickly and easily deploy custom integration widgets and themes to an organization’s very own, Igloo provided, Azure Repo.
  • APIs:  A robust set of APIs allowing organizations to bypass the Igloo interface and perform actions on the Igloo platform programmatically.
  • Developer Knowledgebase:  Comprehensive documentation, including code samples, available in Igloo’s Developer Support Community

The Igloo Development Framework
Igloo’s development framework provides everything the developer community requires to customize, enhance, or integrate with Igloo’s digital workplace platform. Igloo’s development framework includes:

  • Integrations: A highly secure and scalable solution for building integration widgets or web applications that can be added to any Igloo page via the drag-and-drop widget carousel and easily configured by users.
  • Applications: A robust and flexible solution for building custom web applications using Igloo’s HTML content widget. Everything is possible, from a simple world clock or embedded 3D graphics.
  • Themes: Design custom global CSS themes that are hosted on Microsoft Azure and deployed in one-click from your Igloo Theme Library.
  • Automation: Incorporate custom workflows using popular iPaaS solutions such as Zapier and, or work with your preferred Enterprise Service Bus or on-premise solution.

Support for Igloo’s Developer Partner Program
Support is instrumental to the success of Igloo’s development community, which is why Igloo is expanding its Developer Support offering for the entire SDK. With the Developer Support package, organizations will get access to Igloo Developer Experts who will support you throughout the process of building, deploying, and maintaining your custom-built applications, integrations, themes and workflow automations, as well as the use of Igloo API’s and tooling.

Igloo Developer Support will continue to be available to customers with Gold and Platinum packages, or purchased separately.

Igloo will now have dedicated resources for Developer Support and will be providing a developer support forum where developers can interact with support and each other.

Partnering for Success
With over 1 billion digital workplace interactions per month across 80 countries, Igloo is already the go to digital workplace platform for customers and partners. Existing developer partners include JCS Consulting, Vehikl, and Infusion/Avanade. You can connect with JCS Consulting and Vehikl Sept 19th and 20th at the definitive digital workplace conference, ICE’17, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Join Igloo’s Developer Partner Program
To learn more, visit Igloo’s Developer Partner Program webpage. To join today, create a free Developer Partner account.

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