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Igloo Software’s Award-Winning Digital Workplace Platform Sets the Stage for a Truly Unified Workplace

Advancements in AI, machine learning, search, and messaging integration help to further unify and add value to productivity-enhancing workplace technologies for organizations across the globe

Las Vegas, NV –  November 5, 2019 — Igloo Software, the leading provider of digital workplace solutions, today announced key feature enhancements to its flagship platform that will help better unify workplace applications, information, and resources across the enterprise. The company’s announcements focus on search, AI, and improved integration with the messaging platform, Microsoft Teams.

“Workplace applications and resources that employees rely on to do their jobs within organizations today are anything but organized,” said Dan Latendre, Founder & CEO of Igloo Software. “While critical information and files may no longer be hidden on personal and network file drives, they are now scattered across a host of file sharing and team messaging apps throughout organizations. This problem has created inefficiencies in knowledge sharing, communication, and collaboration, and increased frustration among employees. The advancements to the Igloo Digital Workplace platform announced today, will directly address these issues, improving workplace productivity, and bringing order back into the workplace.”

Three key technology areas Igloo is focusing on in the coming quarters are Search, AI & Machine Learning, and Messaging. Specifically, Igloo announced the following functionality today:

Search Recommended Results
Igloo Recommended Results in search allows content administrators to determine which content will appear at the top of search queries when specific keywords are included in a search. This greatly improves search effectiveness and solves the challenge of important pages and files getting buried in search results. Other search enhancements include advanced filters or by author and date, to allow users to filter search results more precisely for maximum efficiency.

Unified Search Connector for ServiceNow
Igloo’s ground-breaking out-of-the-box multi-repository search capability has been expanded to include ServiceNow. With Igloo Unified Search, users are able to search multiple file-sharing applications from a single search interface without the need for expensive third-party search add-ons.  Igloo is pleased to announce the addition of ServiceNow to its growing list of unified search repositories.

Bringing AI and Machine Learning to the Digital Workplace
Today, Igloo announced Search Signals capability in its digital workplace platform that will proactively and intelligently recommend content or pages that assist users in finding the best content more quickly. Through Signals, content results will be dynamically ranked based on user interactions to bring new levels of relevancy and intelligence to improve efficiency, decision-making, and collaboration in the workplace.

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams messaging
Igloo announced and demonstrated a series of integrations and functionality enhancements with Microsoft Teams building on its existing Office 365 integrations and announcements made earlier this year. Igloo’s integration with Microsoft Teams enhances direct messaging, content sharing, and the creation of personal dashboards from within Microsoft Teams. These integration enhancements will serve to unify corporate and team-level communication and collaboration.

“Search is critical to the digital workplace experience and through our continued investments in our search infrastructure, AI and messaging integration, Igloo is uniquely positioned to transform the way employees gain access to information, communicate, and locate expertise and knowledge,” said Latendre. “We are creating an unmatched foundation for a more intuitive and intelligent digital workplace and the announcements we are making today further demonstrate Igloo’s commitment and continued innovation towards a centralized digital destination for knowledge sharing and collaboration.”

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