How do you create a sustainable, high-performance culture? It takes cross-functional alignment, exceptional communication, and a commitment to the 360-degree employee experience. And a next-generation intranet solution built with HR’s strategic initiatives in mind.

An employee experience worth sticking around for

Engage your people: Employees are more productive when they feel connected to the bigger picture. Make sure they understand how they contribute, and keep them talking with a company-wide blog, newsfeeds, and forums.

Enable self-service HR: Free up time and enhance productivity by letting employees find information for themselves – whether it’s company policies, benefits information, or training materials.

Recognize and reward: Don’t let individual and team achievements go unnoticed. Give employees the opportunity to nominate their peers for a job well done.

Put people first with pre-built digital workplace solutions

Integrate with existing HR tools

HR teams rely on tools and systems to effectively manage the  employee lifecycle. Wouldn’t it be nice if they all worked together?

Igloo integrates with popular HR Information Systems (HRIS), org chart apps, and your organization’s Active Directory. So you can structure a productive experience by leveraging existing investments in apps you are familiar with, all from a single interface.

Igloo solutions are comprised of features that are easy to manage and easy to use


Easily share leadership updates, culture stories, and HR and IT mandates — with easy-to-use publishing and distribution capabilities.


Create an interactive culture by giving employees an outlet to share ideas, ask questions, and have discussions.

File Sharing

Upload, preview, and collaborate on all types of documents, it's efficient and attachment-free.


Store, update, and share policies and best practices across multiple authors and topics​.


Give teams, departments, and clubs an area to collaborate with each other and promote their latest projects.


Keep track of all versions of a file or article so you can compare changes or revert to a previous version.


Make project management easy by keeping track of all your to-do's, reminders, and requests.

Read Tracking

Enable read tracking so users can acknowledge that they've read and understood a piece of content.

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