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Benzinga – EXCLUSIVE: Igloo’s Andrew Dixon on Invading the Collaboration Market

Andrew Dixon, SVP of Igloo Software recently spoke with Luke Jacobi, writer for Benzinga.
With the cloud growing in popularity, investors and consumers alike need to be aware of Igloo, a software company taking the business collaboration market by storm.

In an exclusive interview with Benzinga, Senior Vice President of Igloo Software and former Microsoft executive Andrew Dixon gave an inside look at his company.

“Igloo sets itself apart by building intranet solutions that are highly configurable,” said Andrew Dixon.

They’re similar to a company like Jive Software (NASDAQ: JIVE) except they differentiate themselves by serving the middle market, meaning 100 to 1000 employees or ten million to a billion in revenue.

“A big reason why our platform outshines others is because of its flexibility and the ability to fit the client’s needs. As a cloud service with a rich in-browser experience, we can put the power in the hands of the end user to personalize and adapt the user interface to fit the way they work, reducing the burden on IT. There’s no need to turn to expensive IT consultants for customizations or worry about software, hardware, maintenance, and updates.”

Dixon continues, “Another way we differ is that we are a pure cloud solution, born online. We don’t have an on-premise option. Nor are we forced into the re-platforming exercise that’s happening with the large enterprise software companies, like Microsoft, IBM, and even Jive.

“When you have both deployment options, you are limited by the slowest method of development [which is always on-prem]. When you’re re-platforming, you must deal with the complexity of legacy code and the user experience challenges that result.”

Igloo has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, working as much as they can with their customers. No two Igloo products look the same because they build specifically to their customers’ needs. In addition, the end user can adjust their company’s layout.

Dixon concluded, “Our product releases are also heavily influenced by the feedback of our customers and what they personally want to see in our platform. A pure cloud computing model means we can deliver faster updates based on their input.”

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