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Igloo Software Announces Powerful New Igloo Digital Assistant Functionality

“Igloo Digital Assistant” improves the digital employee experience by reducing notifications fatigue and digital friction caused by constant “context switching” between apps.

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON — February 16, 2023 — Igloo Software, a leading innovator in the intranet space, announces a new “Igloo Digital Assistant” feature designed to enhance the digital employee experience by reducing context switching between apps.

The new feature resolves this major pain point by integrating with existing apps and tools so that it can offer a concise, accessible feed of important tasks and updates within the Igloo intranet itself, guiding users to what they need to do and know to get the job done faster. This means users can see, action, and engage with all their notifications in one place.

Igloo says this feature aligns with its ongoing goal of eliminating pain points and sources of inefficiency within the digital workplace, which more employees have come to rely on in corporate and home offices alike as remote and hybrid working conditions become the new normal.

This effort also furthers the broader trend towards improved DEX (digital employee experience), which has placed a spotlight on quality intranet platforms as a foundation for good employee engagement and retention as more work is done digitally across industries.

“Our aim is always to improve the digital employee experience by identifying those areas where users are losing the most time and productivity, and by finding ways that we can give them back that time while reducing the stress caused by bad processes,” says Sean Duffy, vice president of product strategy at Igloo. “Igloo Digital Assistant is just the most recent way we’ve found to achieve that for our users.”

Igloo has been a driving force behind the intranet/digital workspace product category since their founding in 2008.

They have since supported hundreds of organizations and over one million users across all industries by providing tailored intranet solutions that empower companies to achieve greater productivity and engagement.

Igloo works in close partnership with its customers to build advanced intranet solutions that unify and empower workforces to achieve more in less time with reduced stress, including organizations with frontline, hybrid, remote, or in-office dynamics.


About Igloo Software

Igloo is a pioneer of the digital workplace technology that has become the foundation of successful companies in every industry by uniting workforces through improved communication, collaboration, and culture. By continuously evolving according to emerging trends in the world of work, Igloo’s cloud-based platform leads the way as a digital office space your employees can rely on to enhance their productivity and improve their connection to your company, whether they’re working from offices, frontlines, mobile devices, or homes. The depth of the Igloo platform and the expertise of Igloo’s customer-focused teams shape your central destination that integrates with all your favorite tools to enable a happier, more engaged workforce. For more information, please visit, or follow Igloo on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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