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Igloo Software Offers Jive Customers a Cost-Effective Transition to their Industry Leading Digital Workplace Platform

Jive customers looking for an alternative now have a choice. 
Igloo offers 50% discount off Jive licensing and support fees. 

KITCHENER-WATERLOO – MAY 4, 2017 – Igloo Software, the leading provider of digital workplace solutions, today announced it is offering customers of Jive Software who move to the Igloo platform by December 31, 2017, 50% off their current Jive license and support costs for the remainder of their term, or, a maximum of one year*.

On May 1st, 2017 ESW Capital announced plans to purchase Jive Software and include it as part of its Aurea family of companies. Acquisitions of this nature often create a level of uncertainty, leaving customers with many questions related to the future direction of the company and its products. However, the pace of change in today’s business is staggering and digital workplace platforms have become mission critical to maintaining communication, collaboration, knowledge management and employee engagement across the business.

“Companies can’t put their digital workplace needs on hold due to uncertainty with their technology providers,” said Dan Latendre, Founder and CEO of Igloo Software. “Apart from the 50% discount offer, what we’re really offering to Jive Software customers is certainty, stability, and a portfolio of market leading digital workplace solutions. We’ve always put every one of our 500+ enterprise clients first, and that’s why our customers stick with Igloo and why we’re consistently ranked among the leaders by many industry analysts. Igloo has over 10,000 digital workplace communities across 80 countries, and is perfectly positioned to help Jive Software customers continue on their path of building a modern digital workplace – we’ve done this migration countless times before.”

The Evolving Enterprise Collaboration Market
According to MarketsandMarkets, the Enterprise Collaboration Market is expected to grow from USD $26.68 Billion in 2016 to USD $49.51 billion by 2021. While the market size seems astounding, it comes as no surprise. According to Gallup, last year employee engagement in the U.S. was stagnant with 87% of employees worldwide not engaged at work. However, companies with highly engaged workforces outperformed their peers by 147% in earnings per share.

Igloo has found that to build a purposeful digital workplace that your employees will love to use, it’s important to address the specific business challenges they confront every day. One size does not fit all. Employees will only align around a digital workplace if you can show them that it will substantially improve their daily work life. This is where Igloo excels.

Igloo’s Digital Workplace Solutions
Igloo’s digital workplace solutions enable companies to build engaging digital destinations where employees can access the information, tools, and expertise they need to do their best work, from wherever they are. The result is an improved sense of community across the organization, better alignment to objectives, and greater speed and consistency of execution.

Enjoy 50% Off Your Current License and Support Costs
Customers of Jive Software are encouraged to visit and discover the Igloo difference today. Any customer of Jive Software who moves to the Igloo platform will receive a 50% discount off their current license and support costs for the remainder of their term or a maximum of one year. The offer is valid for six months from today, but existing Jive customers need to register before June 30, 2017 to be eligible for this special 50% discount program*.

Discover the Igloo Difference 
Don’t be satisfied with just a social intranet that doesn’t do everything you need it to. Igloo is a complete digital workplace platform that solves your key communication, collaboration, knowledge management, and culture and engagement challenges for a more productive and innovative workplace.  Plus, if you already have tools you love, you can extend your Igloo by integrating leading cloud apps like Office 365, Google, Dropbox, Salesforce, and Slack.

Next Steps
We’re here for you. If you’d like to book a consultation with one of our Jive-to-Igloo migration specialists, call us toll free at +1 877 664 4566, but you’ll also need to complete the registration form at  Be sure to tell us if you are an existing client of Jive Software to participate in the 50% discount program*.

*Certain terms and conditions apply

About Igloo Software
Igloo is a leading provider of digital workplace solutions, helping companies build inspiring digital destinations for a more productive and engaged workforce. Offering a suite of modern features and solutions for today’s evolving workplace, Igloo partners with customers to address challenges related to communication, collaboration, knowledge management, and employee engagement. For more information, please visit

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