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Igloo Software Solves the Intranet’s Multi-Repository Search Challenge With Groundbreaking Out-Of-The-Box Simplified Federated Search

New Multi-Service Search widget enables customers to search multiple file sharing applications from a single search interface

KITCHENER-WATERLOOFeb. 27, 2018 – Igloo Software, the leading provider of digital workplace solutions, announced the launch of its Multi-Service Search (MSS) widget. This new, mobile-friendly widget, provides out-of-the-box functionality, allowing users to search multiple file repositories from a single interface.

The first set of services supported through this enhanced search focuses on the major file sync and share vendors, SharePoint Online, Google Team Drive, Box, Dropbox and, of course, Igloo. Based on an extensive review of customer environments, support for these vendors addresses the majority need in the market, with support for other file sharing apps continuing to be added.

“Providing users with a comprehensive and accessible digital workplace experience is a pivotal step in our mission to improve collaboration and productivity for our customers,” said Dan Latendre, Founder & CEO of Igloo Software. “Igloo’s Multi-Service Search capabilities will give employees the tools to more efficiently access the information they need regardless of the repository it is located in.”

Search is critical to the digital workplace experience. The new Multi-Service Search widget further demonstrates Igloo’s commitment and continued innovation towards a centralized digital destination for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Now, documents from multiple storage repositories can be searched from any location the drag and drop Multi-Service Search widget is placed. Furthermore, because custom names for each service can be created and default folder paths can be set, search results can be highly contextualized to the surrounding content on the page. The added capabilities dramatically reduce time spent searching for information and solves a problem that has plagued intranets for decades.

“Igloo is uniquely positioned to transform the way employees gain access to information, expertise, and knowledge,” said Latendre. “The investments we’re making in the underlying search infrastructure are creating the foundation for a more intuitive and intelligent digital workplace.”

Additional Product Information
Igloo’s new Multi-Service Search widget is now available. For more information about the Multi-Service Search widget, please visit

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Igloo is the leading next generation intranet platform. Through its portfolio of digital workplace solutions, Igloo partners with customers to address challenges related to communication, collaboration, knowledge management, employee engagement, and culture.  Igloo integrates with the apps and systems your business relies on and centralizes information for a single source-of-truth and a more productive and engaged workforce. For more information, please visit