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Igloo’s Latest Study Exposes Major Shortfalls in Collaboration and Knowledge Management Practices Among U.S. Organizations

The digital workplace solutions provider’s 2018 State of the Digital Workplace study of 1000 U.S. employees also revealed a third of all employees would use Google to find their company logo

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ONJune 5, 2018 – Igloo Software, the leading provider of digital workplace solutions, released findings from their latest study, “State of the Digital Workplace 2018” which surveyed 1,000 employees and uncovered significant gaps in corporate knowledge management and collaboration strategies.

The study found the biggest knowledge management and knowledge sharing factor impacting organizations is that many do not have a central hub for storing, managing, and sharing critical corporate assets throughout the organization. Igloo also found corporate policies, procedures, and guidelines for governance and security were severely lacking in most organizations.

Other key findings from the study include:

  • 32% of employees stated they have avoided sharing documents with colleagues because it takes too much time to find the files.
  • 27% of employees responded that they were unfamiliar with policies for sharing corporate information – inside and outside the company.
  • 41% of employees currently use non-sanctioned apps in the workplace because it’s what they use in their personal lives.
  • 31% of employees confirmed they would perform a Google search for items like their corporate logo rather than search their corporate intranet.

“It’s shocking how many organizations in the study didn’t have a definitive knowledge management strategy,” said Mike Hicks, Vice President, Marketing & Strategy at Igloo Software. “Employees reported difficulty finding corporate policies, procedures or the information they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.”

In addition to these findings, Igloo Software examined different industries and departments within organizations to uncover disparities in knowledge management practices. Questions centered around app use in the workplace, security, and practices for sharing and accessing corporate assets.

Departmental and industry findings include:

  • 53% of healthcare professionals are only somewhat confident that a file they are accessing is the most updated version.
  • Among financial services employees surveyed, 48% are only somewhat confident the information stored on their organization’s intranet is secure.
  • 40% of HR professionals have avoided sharing documents with co-workers because it would be too difficult to find.

“The digital workplace is constantly evolving, and at Igloo Software, our goal is to help organizations digitally transform, providing employees with a simple and effective way to collaborate and communicate,” added Hicks. “This study allows us to dive deeper into the challenges organizations across the board are facing, so we can better help companies overcome these obstacles that are impacting productivity and innovation.”

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