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AI is going to make your work easier, and you won’t even know it

Brad Rooke

March 27, 2024 · 3 min read

What is the goal of digital transformation? Depending on your needs, it likely includes some combination of better communications tools, stronger knowledge management, streamlined workflows, or just simpler access to digital tools. The point is, there is any number of ways that digital transformation should improve productivity and worker engagement, almost all of which involve simplifying daily tasks for your workers. It was only a matter of time before the ultimate “simplifier” wove itself into your digital transformation fabric: AI.

We know you’ve likely heard about AI everywhere you’ve gone, from uncanny images to content that sounds human, but isn’t. What you may not have noticed, however, is the increasing volume of content that is built by AI and fine-tuned by a human contributor to ensure a higher level of quality while significantly reducing the amount of time and effort required. That’s where your digital transformation journey is about to take you.

You see, your digital workplace is just like your physical workplace; it needs to have a strong human element in order to feel welcoming, engaging, and constructive for your employees, who are themselves typically human. (No judgement from me, though. I’d hire a beagle if they’d let me.) Canine colleagues aside, non-human influences on your digital workplace can create an environment that feels sterile and soulless. That’s why the goal of AI tools within the digital workplace is not to replace human input, but to increase the speed and ease with which content creators and consumers in your organization can add their very human input to the digital employee experience.

With that in mind, the benefits of AI in the digital workplace become clearer. Building corporate communications is easier with generative AI copywriting assistants that overcome writer’s block and kickstart the creative process; an AI-fueled pipeline of information and content recommendations keeps administrators primed with the knowledge they need to make faster, more effective decisions.

AI also acts as a safeguard in the digital workplace. Accessibility checkers can ensure that everyone is able to engage with the new content you’re about to publish, while targeted content recommendation features ensure that each employee sees the policies that are necessary for their roles—your corporate workers aren’t going to see food safety guidelines, and your kitchen staff won’t get security policies for corporate devices they don’t have. Everything gets a little easier and a lot more personalized with AI.

At Igloo, we’re leveraging AI to give every employee a personal assistant, no matter the kind of work they do. Using natural language processing, the Igloo Digital Assistant can provide instant answers, search the digital workplace in a second, and connect users to useful tools like HRIS platforms, shift schedules, safety policies, or that one PDF you just can’t seem to find.

Whatever the role, from warehouse workers relying on AI to get the latest SOPs to administrators using intelligent analytics tools and automation features to streamline routine tasks and get more done in a day at a greater level of accuracy, there’s a common theme here: AI isn’t about to replace human workers and do the job itself. Rather, it’s AI’s job to find all the sources of friction that add unnecessary time, stress, and effort throughout the day, and erase them.

All of these small, menial tasks add up, consuming an outsized portion of our mental efforts and daily bandwidth. With these tasks firmly under the purview of AI, think about how much more your workforce could accomplish with less stress. The best part is that for organizations who have already made the leap to a modern intranet platform like Igloo, their workers are reaping the benefits of AI so seamless, they don’t even realize how much it’s doing for them.


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