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What’s new with Igloo Flex? Your Q1 product wrap up is here.

Igloo Software

April 11, 2024 · 3 min read

We’ve designed our Igloo Flex digital workplace around the needs of a modern workforce—but modern organizations are constantly changing. Likewise, we’re constantly iterating and updating the Igloo Flex platform to stay ahead of the needs of our users, ensuring they always have the solutions they need. Igloo is more than just a product; we’re a partner in your organization’s success, even as your definition of success evolves with time. 

Let’s have a look at the most recent developments from the Igloo product team. 

AI & ML enhancement icon

Igloo AI 

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool, but it’s no replacement for real human input. Instead, AI is at its best when it can support and streamline the human tasks we all have to manage each day. We’re doing more than ever with Igloo Intelligence, the AI that’s woven into the fabric of your intranet. From intelligent content recommendations to generative AI that crushes writer’s block, we’re making it easier for your employees to accomplish more at a higher level of quality in less time. 

The employee experience becomes adaptive, learning from your employees’ usage patterns to deliver a more personalized experience. Content becomes more relevant, both through AI-assisted content creation and through intelligent content recommendations. Overall, workflows and processes across your organization become faster, easier, and better as AI simplifies tasks, cuts out distractions, and fuels your workforce with high-quality information and resources. Igloo Intelligence doesn’t replace people; it simply tightens the connections between users, tools, and knowledge so that everyone can achieve more, together.

Personalization icon

Igloo Digital Assistant 

The Igloo Digital Assistant is coming to the Igloo Flex platform with a new look and an infusion of AI. Igloo Flex users are about to see the benefits of their own personal assistant, no matter the job title. For Flex users, the Igloo Digital Assistant takes the form of an intelligent chatbot that removes the hassle and stress from daily tasks like time off approvals, expense report workflows, time sheets, and more. 

Connected to your external business apps, Igloo Digital Assistant makes the full knowledge and power of your entire tech stack available through a simple chat interface that’s always available to solve problems, answer questions, and automate routine tasks; your employees gain the freedom to focus on the important work that moves your organization forward. Think about how much more your company could accomplish if everyone spent less time searching, troubleshooting, and managing routine chores—and more time tackling the big stuff. 

Even more enhancements 

We’ve also been working on lots of small enhancements that have big impacts: 

Social media for your workplace 

We’re bringing the familiar experience of popular social networks into the digital workplace, driving a collaborative and engaged culture where everyone is free to share their thoughts. 

Broadcast notifications for high priority content 

Draw immediate attention to important content like emergency situations or important corporate updates. 

X/Twitter integration 

Maintain broader awareness and engagement with your social media activities by integrating any public X/Twitter handle directly into your intranet through a dedicated widget. 

Deeper localization 

Even more of your digital workplace experience can now be tailored adaptively to your regional preferences, empowering users to share, discover, and consume content in their preferred language. 

Enhanced admin tools 

Your administrators have more power than ever to undo mistakes and repurpose content now that Igloo offers a sortable trash bin with the ability to recover or permanently erase content. 

More ways to find knowledge 

Your wikis can offer more value and engagement now that they can be searched, separated, and even followed by people who want to receive regular updates on new content additions to the wiki feed.