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Your community manager has more to offer than you realize

Brad Rooke

January 22, 2024 · 2 min read

A good office is more than just a collection of desks and monitors; it’s a gathering place where your employees spend upwards of 40 hours each week. It’s no wonder an entire industry exists purely to study the impacts of office layout, temperature, and even wall color. According to Zipdo, an improved workplace layout alone can improve productivity by 20 percent.

Even in an office (and especially for remote work), employees spend most of their day engaging with tasks and each other through their computers. The digital employee experience is such a core part of the modern workday that a poorly optimized intranet has the same effect as a dark office full of cramped cubicles.

This is why the role of community manager (sometimes called “digital workplace manager”) has become so crucial. Connecting your workforce at their desks, at home, and even on their phones at job sites or factories, requires more than just a set-and-forget digital platform; it takes the human touch that only a dedicated community manager can offer.

Of course, a major goal of the community manager is to maintain the intranet solution. As needs and workplaces evolve, the digital workplace should also grow and change to continue providing useful information and collaboration spaces to every team and individual. The digital workplace doesn’t just need to be a well-organized toolbox for the company, it should be a personal assistant who hands each employee the tools they need, when they need them.

But the community manager has more to offer than simply building the basic utility of your intranet. Workplace relationships dictate 60 percent of employee satisfaction, which is where your community manager can really shine.

Now that employee interactions happen increasingly through online tools, building employee engagement across your company takes a dedicated effort. Your community manager is part architect, part psychologist, building a three-dimensional intranet that fosters collaboration and a general sense of belonging.

From user-friendly interfaces to personalized content, community managers are the architects of a virtual space that boosts morale and makes every team member feel like they’re part of something special. Happy employees, as it turns out, are the secret sauce to a thriving organization.

Now, here’s the real kicker—digital workplace managers are the navigators steering your organization through the digital waves. They don’t just keep your intranet shipshape; they also keep it sailing towards innovation. By staying on top of the latest tech trends, they ensure your intranet isn’t stuck in the digital dark ages.

This ability to integrate new tools and features doesn’t just keep things running smoothly; it helps your organization stay ahead of the curve, making quick decisions and embracing change without hesitation. In a nutshell, digital workplace managers are the unsung heroes making your intranet the engaging, efficient hub that keeps your organization not just afloat, but sailing towards success.


Oh, and happy Community Manager Appreciation day from the team at Igloo!