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Standalone Intranets: Trusted Tools for Business Continuity and Security

Brad Rooke

September 29, 2021 · 3 min read

For many organizations, moving to remote work when the pandemic hit was the only option for business continuity. While this kept the doors open for business, it also opened the doors to security threats.

In fact, in 2020, cyberattacks increased by 800 per cent, with the FBI’s Cyber Division receiving 4,000 calls a day since the pandemic began.

Remote workers became a new, enticing threat vector for cyber-attackers. From sending sensitive information over insecure connections, to using unsanctioned devices or tools to do their work, to falling for COVID-related phishing scams, employees were unknowingly putting their companies at risk.

Fortunately, even with these new vulnerabilities, organizations that diversified their tech stack to include Microsoft Office 365 as well as a standalone intranet were prepared to protect their sensitive data without major disruption to their business.

Work doesn’t have to stop

Microsoft Office 365 is an historically popular target for hackers for one key reason: a lot of people use it. With more than 250 million active users each month, that’s 250 million opportunities to infiltrate global organizations, steal or sell their information, and plant malware in emails or trusted documents.

This leaves organizations wondering what they would do if their Microsoft service was disrupted. Employees could lose access to email, chat, files, directories, and other vital tools needed to do their jobs effectively.

Where would employees go if they needed to know the latest updates about the breach or find company policies or procedures to help them navigate next steps? In the new remote workplace, they can’t just run over to the IT department for help.

It sounds frantic, doesn’t it? And it would be, without a back-up plan in place. That’s where a standalone intranet proves to be a wise complement to O365 and a trusted tool for business continuity and security.

Stay connected over a secure intranet

A secure internal website, commonly referred to as the company intranet, is a separate, permission-based solution that requires unique credentials. In many cases, standalone intranet solutions are built to integrate with O365 as one of the most popular business tools, but often, they don’t rely on it.

This means that if O365 is compromised and its apps and tools are suddenly unavailable, employees still have a secure way to communicate, collaborate, and receive important notifications from the company.

Let’s take a look at how that would work.

During a Microsoft breach, the exposed system would be blocked until the threat is contained and assessed. For organizations that are heavily reliant on O365, operations would come to a halt, and everyday apps and tools would be unusable.

However, organizations that also employ a standalone intranet would maintain access to important documentation because it’s available in a separate location, through any browser. All critical communications could also be shared as posts instead of email.

A standalone intranet can also be another layer of defense against cyber-attacks on an ongoing basis. Since phishing scams rely heavily on email, centralizing corporate communications on the intranet (vs. email) can reduce the number of emails flowing in and out of the organization and, in turn, reduce vulnerabilities.

Not only will employees see the intranet a the go-to channel for reliable, timely, and accurate information, they’ll also appreciate the cleaner inbox.

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Business continuity solutions built for today

Being dependent on a single solution or suite of apps can leave you scrambling if you fall victim to a cyber-attack.

Organizations that put all their eggs in one basket, so to speak, risk data loss and business disruption if that system is compromised, which can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

You won’t be able to predict when a cyber-attack will happen, but you can mitigate risk and be prepared with the right tools.

Igloo is a standalone intranet solution that enables seamless communication and collaboration on a platform that’s highly secure, compliant, and built for business continuity. At the same time, Igloo is a Microsoft Gold-certified partner, offering out-of-the-box integrations with Office 365, so you can take full advantage of the collaboration and productivity benefits of Office 365 in a single destination. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

We can show you how Igloo transforms your digital workplace in the post-pandemic era and becomes the cornerstone of your business continuity plan. Get started today.