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New Lessons for a Successful Intranet Implementation

Rebecca O’Reilly

June 6, 2022 · 2 min read

Everyone has a different vision for their perfect intranet. Maybe you’re looking for a way to encourage a more vibrant and consistent corporate culture among a newly hybrid workforce; maybe you want to keep your frontline workers aligned with the same priorities as the teams in the office. Whatever the goal, success always hinges on the same thing: your intranet implementation.

Due to the explosion of intranet use during the pandemic, which saw double the user traffic in retail/wholesale and a nearly 200 per cent increase in the tech industry, more companies now lean on digital workplaces than ever. Not all these companies have seen the same benefits, though.

According to research done by Gallup, businesses with highly engaged employees see 21 per cent greater profitability. Conversely, disengaged employees cost U.S. companies as much as $550 billion each year, according to The Engagement Institute.

Having worked closely on intranet implementation with more companies that I can count, I’ve noticed a few common mistakes that can have lasting effects on the success of a digital workplace. For the full story, you can view our webinar, 11 Lessons for a Successful Intranet Launch.

Let’s look at three of the most common stumbling blocks made during digital workplace implementations, and how you can avoid them.

endless loop

1. Don’t get stuck in a loop

So many business stakeholders come to use for help addressing gaps in their processes, stagnating work cultures, and outdated tools. This is great! At Igloo Software, it’s our mission and our pleasure to help businesses unite their people and information through a vibrant online workspace. But this is only possible if intranet owners start with the right mindset.

To get the most out of your new digital workplace platform, you need to loosen your grip on the processes that exist today. The right intranet will empower you to build new ways of working that are more efficient and effective than what you’ve experienced before – but only if you bring an open mind.

know your people

2. Know your audience

Who are you building this digital workplace for? Your administrators and leaders will get a major boost from a powerful online workplace, but don’t forget about the users!

Always keep your teams’ goals top-of-mind when you plan your digital workplace: how are your teams working now, and what can you do to elevate them with your intranet solution? This is a platform with the potential to revolutionize your workforce, but only if you build it with their needs and goals in mind.

organize your content

3. Strategize your content

A digital workplace is the single source of truth for your workforce, whether that truth is a cultural pillar or a best practices document. For this truth to propagate throughout your organization, though, you need it to be strategically curated in advance. This is something many companies overlook, and it hurts engagement from day one.

What is your vision for the company? What is your vision for the digital workplace? Keep these questions in mind as you plan your content and communications strategies. When the time comes to populate your digital workplace with content, strong messaging will help you reach the success you’re after.

What else do you need to know to ensure your digital workplace achieves your goals? Learn how Igloo can make the process simple and successful.