With experts by your side, you’ll never go off course

At Igloo, consulting services are available to help you plan and deploy your new digital workplace. You’ll never have to wonder if you’re on the right track because we’ll be right there with you, delivering strategic, technical, and design advice at every stage.

Strategic Planning

We’ll work with you to assess your organization’s needs, develop a customized strategy, and create a phased solutions roadmap that delivers on your vision and objectives.

Solutions Consulting

Our solutions consultants will help you define measurable goals based on your needs and provide a solution plan that outlines your information architecture, solution and integration settings, and governance model.

Technical Consulting

Partnering with your IT team, we’ll ensure all technical requirements are identified and met – including security, hosting, and integrations.

Visual Design Consulting

Our professional designers will review your brand guidelines and visual design objectives and provide design mockups of your homepage, key secondary pages, and styles.

Evolve Consulting

Your digital workplace plan will establish measures of success. Then, we can help you assess progress and define next steps on your journey of continuous improvement, with programs to help you make the most of your Igloo.

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You’ll have everything you need (and more) to create a winning long-term digital workplace strategy – from start to finish.

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